Fairbanks Composite Fillings

Composite is one of the materials used to create a tooth filling - a process used to repair cracks, holes or spaces that form in teeth and can result in infection, sensitivity or tooth decay. Composite fillings are provided by your Fairbanks dentist in a single session and are not regarded as an invasive procedure.

Before placing the composite filling, the receiving tooth must by isolated from the rest in order to prevent moisture from forming between the tooth and filling and preventing the filling from correctly bonding. After composite fillings are placed, the tooth will look completely natural and any further damage as a result of the problem will be effectively prevented.

Composite fillings are quite cheap when compared to other dental procedures and are commonly expected to last around five to seven years. This period often depends on the amount of care you put into your teeth and the condition of the tooth when the filling was attached.

Even if you are sure of which tooth required the filling, your Fairbanks dentist will perform a complete evaluation of your overall dental health and determine whether or not you require additional composite fillings to prevent dental emergencies.

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