Full Mouth Reconstruction in Fairbanks

Much like it sounds, full mouth reconstruction is a procedure used to restore or replace every tooth located in the upper and lower jaw. Depending on the scope of the full mouth restoration several specialists may be involved in addition to your Fairbanks dentist. These include periodontists (who specialize in restoring the gum) oral surgeons, orthodontists (tooth repositioning) and endodontists (specialists that handle the pulp of teeth). Full mouth reconstruction can be required of people that have suffered an injury, lost teeth because of decay, participated in poor habits over a long period of time and changes to the alignment in teeth.

Your full mouth reconstruction consists of an extended process that begins with an exam to determine which procedures are necessary and how they will be performed. You will always have several options for treatment at your Fairbanks dentist. The present condition of your teeth will be noted to determine any conditions that can be repaired before beginning periodontal treatment. Periodontal treatment is used to treat your gums and return them to a healthy condition. Many patients confuse full mouth reconstruction with a smile makeover. While a smile makeover is considered to be a cosmetic procedure, full mouth reconstruction is a series of procedures that are considered to be necessary.

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